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I'm Debora, the head & heart behind DaBELJU.

DaBELJU is a small studio for sustainable design near the city of Cologne.

It was born from an idea that I carried around with me from a young age. I always wanted to create something that was uniquely me, something with a story and with meaning.
How did I connect that with designing bags?
Art and design can find many expressions – in every facet of life. Bags are an essential part of life. They are what we store our everyday items in, they are our constant companions.
Because of that, over the years, I bought and owned many bags in various sizes and styles.
But as I grew older, I observed more and more that a lot of the bags I saw and used didn’t last very long. Either they got damaged or they went out of style.
I got tired of replacing and adapting over and over again. Then, one day in 2013, I decided to change the game. I put pen to paper and started designing bags and accessories for my own brand.

And so, DaBELJU came to be.

Our creed is to design something that is timeless. Something that will last and accompany you for years to come.
Something that will withstand the wear and tear of daily use and will look good, no matter what the current trends are. We aim to create products that are durable, aesthetic, and functional.

DaBELJU stands for slow fashion and quality. We source our materials from local providers here in Germany, such as our vegetable-tanned leather that is used for every bag.

Inspired by colours, shapes, architecture, and nature, we create bags and accessories with a clear design language.
Every step of production is carried out by us in our studio: from the initial idea in my head to the first sketches and the creation of prototypes, from the scaling of measurements to the creation of the digital patterns. It all happens right here.
With our new Fold Collection, we have created something that is truly unique. Something that requires no stitches and no glue. Something that perfectly represents our brand. It is timeless in its very essence and we hope that you are going to love it as much as we do.

Every day we dedicate ourselves to sustainable craftsmanship and design in order to provide you with a daily companion that will be by your side – for years to come.






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