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We love leather. We love good, well thought-out, unusual designs. And we want it to be sustainable.

Can all of that be combined? Sure, the bags and accessories from DaBELJU show that it is possible to combine sustainability and good design. That leather can also be done differently - namely vegetable-tanned, with a clear conscience and certified. With leather from Germany - without exploitation, environmental pollution and long transport routes and more appreciation of the material and craftsmanship.




Our leather is vegetable tanned with renewable raw materials.

TARA is a vegetable tanning agent obtained from the tara tree, which grows mainly in Peru and India.  The tanning agent is supplied by the red and yellow tara pods, which are harvested in April. The sale of these fruit pods is an important source of income for the rural population in Peru. Leather tanned with TARA is a light, soft, cream-coloured leather that can be easily dyed.

VALONEA is a vegetable tanning agent that comes from the fruit cups of the oak species found in the Mediterranean region. Like TARA, the vegetable tanning agent VALONEA produces a light-coloured, soft leather.




If you choose a bag or accessory from DaBELJU, you will receive leather that has been tested and IVN CERTIFIED (International Association of Natural Textiles) for its health, environmental and social compatibility. Some leather hides come from recognised organic animal husbandry and are BIOKREIS certified.


It couldn't be more direct: from the design to the finished product, everything is made by hand in our workshop in Siegerland. In our "transparent" workshop, you can see how the bags are made, while personalised advice and sales take place in the showroom.



Would you like to know how your bag is made?

Then take a look here:


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