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Natural leather


The leather used by DaBELJU comes from local sources in southern Germany.

This leather is vegetable tanned using renewable tanning agents such as tara and valonea. No chrome is used in this type of leather production and the leather hides are dyed without colours containing heavy metals.

Another feature of this natural leather is its open-pored surface.
The leather hide is not sealed with a layer of plastic at the end of the manufacturing process, as is the case with traditional leather production. This is intended to conceal the characteristics of an animal hide. With natural leather, on the other hand, the history of the animal can be "read" - nothing is hidden. The specific characteristics of the animal skin are not a flaw, but rather testify to the authenticity and high quality of the natural material.

What speaks in favour of natural leather as a unique bag material?

Our natural leather

  • is vegetable tanned    
  • comes from local cattle from the South of Germany    
  • is particularly environmentally and allergy-friendly    
  • does not come from factory farming and is a by-product of the meat industry    
  • is robust and durable and therefore sustainable    
  • has an open surface and no plastic layer that hides the properties of the animal skin    
  • ages beautifully and develops a patina




We at DaBELJU love all our bags and want them to last a long time!

For us, the bag is more than just an accessory - it is a companion during wind and weather for years to come.

Vegetable-tanned leather darkens over time and acquires a beautiful patina. To protect the bag from moisture and prevent rain from leaving unsightly stains, you can use a suitable leather spray.
If you want to care for the leather after some time, you can use leather balm or beeswax. This protects the leather from moisture and makes it soft and supple.



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